About Us!

Welcome to SGO!

The student green office at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU). The green office is a student driven department that sits under the sustainability team. We are responsible for helping YOU!

Our aim is to empower students, staff and local communities to engage with sustainability and enjoy embarking on a journey to a more sustainable future!




SGO Logo Website

2 thoughts on “About Us!

  1. How did you make your recipe cards? I am trying to sell my healthy smoothie mix drinks by Nature sunshine and I thought this would be a great way to advertise.

    • Hello,

      We use a website called ‘dafont.com’ for my fonts and then we use Adobe Photoshop to edit the photos and collaborate them into word document to add in the methods etc. We then save them as a PDF but also as a JPEG file if we need to make any final editing’s.

      Hope this helps, and please send us your link to your smoothie’s as we would love to link them on our blog as well for you.

      Jess & SGO

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