The SGO’s ‘From Home, With Love’ recipe card: Kentish Berry Summertime Sorbet

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Hello and good afternoon, everybody! I hope everybody is having a good weekend, and are sufficiently relaxed after the end (or near end) of the exams!

Today I am excited to present the SGO’s new recipe card collection ‘From Home, With Love’. Over the next few months, we will be lovingly creating a series of recipe cards, with the theme of ‘food as good as mum’s’. We hope that next year’s freshers and returning students will use these cards to help them recreate a little bit of ‘home’ away from home, to counter the homesickness of living away from parents for the first time, and to help inspire them to eat healthier, but just as delicious, food while studying.

We’re starting with a desert today. While the process is long, this dish can be made cheaply, lasts a long time, and makes multiple servings- perfect for that party you are hosting! Not only that but it can be made with local produce AND is a healthier alternative desert to cake or ice cream (if made without alcohol).

We present…

*Drum roll please*

Kentish Berry Summertime Sorbet

Summertime Sorbet


Meg & the SGO xxx

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