Fantastic Fairtrade: A Fortnight of Fun and Food

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What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is about supporting the development of thriving farming communities across the world. The aim is to make sure these farmers have more control over their futures, including control over better wages and better working conditions. Fairtrade gives you the opportunity to give these people a better quality of life.
By buying products with the Fairtrade symbol on them, you’re showing your support for these farmers. The ingredients in these products have been sought from communities and plantations that meet Fairtrade standards.


Who benefits from Fairtrade?

Fair trade primarily benefit small farming communities, globally marginalised groups, through trading products. Fairtrade contributes these small communities stable income, enabling them to achieve a brighter future. Not only does Fairtrade benefit communities, but it also benefits plantations. The producers decide where the Fairtrade money goes, being invested in projects that benefit the wider community, from education and healthcare to transport and the environment.



What makes Fairtrade so special is that 50% of the stakeholders are the producers, representatives of the farms and working organisations. This means that the producers have a say in decision-making that directly affects them. They help decide strategies, resource use and prices.


Fairtrade Standards

Standards are designed to ensure producers receive reasonable prices for their produce, to facilitate partnerships between producers and other stakeholders, allows greater producer control, and sets criteria conditions of production and trade. Standards include protecting workers and worker rights, keeping workers safe and healthy, preventing discrimination and child labour, reasonable wages and decent working conditions.


Fairtrade Voices…

About the people Fairtrade really helps
Ecuadorian flower plantations
Over the past 10 years, flowers have become a major product in Fairtrade – over 530 million flower stems were sold in 2012, 50% increase from the year before. So how exactly has Fairtrade supported flower plantations?
Fairtrade has empowered Fairtrade workers to make their own choices about their own lives, encouraging them to become self-employed or dedicate time to families and community. Fairtrade has given them the money to make investments in their own goals. Only when workers can freely express themselves and negotiate working conditions can they plan for their own future. Fairtrade has also offered employees the chance to acquire knowledge about workers’ rights, technical skills, health and social issues. Workers have had the opportunity to participate in worker organisations, creating bonds between workers and giving them the opportunities to take part in discussions and build the confidence to manage projects.


Where to buy Fairtrade:
• http://www.therawchocolatecompany.com/allan_html_pages_new/organic_superfoods.htm


Fairtrade Towns
Communities all over the world are working to promote Fairtrade in their area. In the UK, 599 towns are certified Fairtrade. Is your hometown a Fairtrade town? Click here to find out! http://www.fairtradetowns.org/about/
Here are the closest Fairtrade towns to Canterbury:
• Thanet
• Dover
• Ashford
• Faversham
• Medway
• Maidstone
• Tunbridge wells
• Basildon
• Seven oaks


The five goals of Fairtrade towns are:
1. Local council passes a resolution supporting Fair Trade, and agrees to serve Fair Trade products (for example, in meetings, offices and canteens).
2. A range of Fair Trade products are available locally (targets vary from country to country)
3. Schools, workplaces, places of worship and community organisations support Fair Trade and use Fair Trade products whenever possible
4. Media coverage and events raise awareness and understanding of Fair Trade across the community.
5. A Fair Trade steering group representing different sectors is formed to co-ordinate action around the goals and develop them over the years.
Click here to find out more: www.fairtradetowns.org.uk/resources/


Fairtrade Fortnight
Fairtrade Fortnight dedicates a full 14 days to Fairtrade, celebrating the impact of Fairtrade, and empowering our local community to get involved. It’s the biggest and best-known ethical label in the UK – over 78% of the UK public recognises the fair trade mark.
However, there is always room for more change and empowerment, so we ask you, CCCU students, future heroes of farmers and workers around the world, to spare a few moments to get involved, whether by attending our Fairtrade Bake-Off event in Touchdown Cafe or by tweeting the hashtag #fairtradefortnight. Only you can help us fight for the workers’ rights and improve the quality of life for farmers and plantation workers.
FAIRTRADE: THE KENTISH WAY- What’s going on in canterbury
Join the fun. Click here to find out more: http://www.canterburytimes.co.uk/8203-Fairtrade-Fornight-Canterbury-District/story-26052104-detail/story.html
Friday, 27th February, 5.45-8pm- Divine Chocolate Tasting Evening in Whistable
Come along to Victoria’s Boutique to sample the delicious range of Divine chocolate, while sipping on a free glass of Fairtrade wine in. Chocolatier, Erik Houlihan-Jong, will be giving a presentation about a Fairtrade certified cocoa farmers co-operative in Ghana, alongside an exclusive chocolate making demonstration not to be missed.
Saturday, February 28: Fairtrade Fair in Canterbury- 10am-3pm
Come along to St Peter’s Methodist Church Hall in St Peter’s Street. Alongside displays of artwork from local schools celebrating Fairtrade, there will be a Tradcraft stall selling Fair Trade products, and Fairtrade refreshment and home-made soup will be served from 12 to 2 PM.


Fairtrade Fortnight at CCCU
SGO vs Sustainability Fairtrade Bake off

We will be holding a Fairtrade Bake off event on Tuesday 3rd March 2015 at 1pm-4pm. The cakes made by both the Student Green Office and the sustainability team will be made from Fairtrade ingredients. The winner will be chosen by YOU and announced at the end of the event.

fairtrade 2
Fairtrade fortnight in touchdown café
We can exclusively announce Touchdown Café will be celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight from 23rd February- 8th March. Come along to Touchdown to sample Fairtrade food. Did you know the University has been a Fairtrade outlet since 2007, selling products such as coffee, sugar, tea, chocolate and snacks? Products are also available in the vending machines located around the campuses. You learn something new every day!
On Tuesday, 3rd March, Touchdown Café will also be showing an exclusive short film called Fairtrade Matters produced by the Fairtrade Foundation, exploring the lives of tea farmers in Malawi. The screening will take place between 1 and 4 pm, showing continuously throughout the afternoon.
Like the Touchdown Café Facebook page to hear more about Fairtrade at Touchdown. https://www.facebook.com/notes/canterbury-christ-church-university-catering/fairtrade/319104558180281
Running your own Fairtrade event you’d like us to promote? Email Greenoffice@canterbury.ac.uk to tell us about your event, and we’ll promote it for you on Facebook, Twitter and our Website


Fairtrade Recipe Ideas:


Megan & The SGO

SGO Logo Website

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