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It really is the Good Life!


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When it comes to gardening and allotments the first thing that springs to mind is BBC’s Good Life with Felicity Kendal and Richard Briers. Even though this is way before my time I remember sitting down and watching this with and grandma and experiencing my first glimpse of sustainable living through the main characters Tom and Felicity; Tom’s career has been as a draughtsman, a job he thoroughly dislikes. He feels his life is meaningless, nothing more than work and consumption. Becoming self-sufficient is his idea, but Barbara, after expressing concerns, supports him. Tom is determined to succeed at self-sufficiency, and is mostly cheerful about his new lifestyle.

Good life


So your probably thinking what is the point of this. Well here at Canterbury Christ Church University we have our very own Student Green Office where we promote sustainable living and self-sufficiency through our very own Edible Campus programme.

What is Edible Campus I hear your ask: Edible Campus at CCCU allows students and staff to reconnect with the food they eat in a sustainable way. Through food related activities such as Food for Thought debate events and our Allotment Blitzes provide the opportunity to understand what food security is and gives both students and staff to learn new skills through skill sharing opportunities.



How can you get involved:

If you would like to try your hand at being self-sufficient and growing your own flowers and crops please come along to the SGO and Edible Campus Allotment Blitz’s held Wednesday’s on the main university campus. To find out when our next allotment is running head on over to the SGO facebook page and join our group, where you can then join each allotment event. We are always looking for new people to join the SGO, if you would like to also help run our allotment diary here on the blog after each allotment blitz please let us know via our email; greenoffice@canterbury.ac.uk.


Lent term Allotment dates:



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