How to make your own Christmas Jumper!

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It’s that time of year again when the Christmas jumpers are out in force and tomorrow (12/12/2014) is SAVE THE CHILDREN’S Christmas jumper day. So in preparation for tomorrow, Christmas and all the family photos to be taken the SGO have decided this year to make their own Christmas jumper from using items from our own homes. We have up-cycled old jumpers into amazing Christmas masterpieces, which i cannot wait to wear on Christmas day.

Both myself and Megan from the SGO had a go at making our own jumpers and here is how you can do it at home:

Megan’s Christmas Tree Jumper:

Step 1: Pick your jumper

jumper 1

Step 2: Cut out the template for your feature decoration. I decided to do a Christmas tree for my jumper but you could make a Christmas pudding, reindeer or a snowman template for your jumper.

jumoer 2

Step 3: Place it on the fabric/ felt your decoration will be made of & Pin the template down to the fabric so it’s hard to move.


Step 4: Cut the fabric around the template, it should look like this.


Step 5: Sew the fabric cut-out to your jumper, this is what it should look like once it’s on your jumper.


Step 6: Cut a star out of cardboard and decorate it with glitter and stick it at the top of your tree (if you have fabric stars at home sew this to the top of the tree)


Step 7: Gather any sequins or ribbons you want to use and Stick the decorations onto the jumper with glue.


Tada! Your very own homemade, cheap, Christmas jumper.


Jess’s Christmas Jumper:

I decided to revamp an old work jumper that i was going to give to charity but thought it would be perfect for my Holly & Ivy decorations to sit on. The Holly and Ivy i used were originally Christmas wrapping decorations from last year that i saved off the gifts that i received and instead of recycling them on another gift i re-used them on my jumper.

Step 1: Pick your jumper, get your Christmas decorations and needle and thread. Make sure you have good light, a Christmas film or Christmas music playing and a nice hot cup of tea and your ready to start. (if you don’t have any old decorations or gift wrapping you can make your old holly and ivy templates, snowflakes or any Christmas theme you wish)

photo (2)

Step 2: Arrange your decorations in a pattern that you think is best and pin each template or decoration on so when you start sewing you don’t forget your design (now take a big sip of tea and now your ready to start sewing).


Step 3: Once they are all sewn on, your ready to wear your hand crafted jumper.

photo (1)

Merry Christmas from us all here in the Student Green Office


Jess, Megan & SGO



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