How to cure a hangover!

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Hey All,

Now after trying some of those summer cocktail recipes below, or even after a big night out of drinking. A lot of us are cursed with that forever pounding, painful and irritating headache. We start feeling poorly and sorry for ourselves :(.

WELL! Have I got news for you, I have found the CURE! The cure, to that much hated hangover!

To insure it works you need to follow the below five steps:

  1. An hour before you know you’re going to stop drinking, drink water! This will hydrate you.
  2. Eat a slice of toast when you get in.
  3. Drink a glass of water, with Berroca (Vitamin supplement) when you get home.
  4. In the morning drink a glass of orange juice
  5. If you’re not feeling better by now, then take the last resort…….”Paracetamol”

Remember though, that hangovers are caused by the excessive consumption of alcohol, so if your hangover is unbearable, remember that for the future, and cut down on the booze 🙂


Michaela & SGO


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