Dawn of the planet of the apes – Film Review

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Hey All,

It is that time again, when myself and Jess have seen a new movie and would like to share our reviews with you J we would love to hear from you as well and find out your perspective of the films we have watched.

The film choice for this week was “Dawn of the planet of the apes”, which is a sequel from the 2011 “Rise of the planet of the Apes”. This film is much darker and is set 10 years after its predecessor film. The film outlines how humanity is at the brink of extinction, a world in which humans are not on top, but the Apes are.

Watch the trailer via the below link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sHMCRaS3ao

Here is our review on the new film:


Having watched the first part of this sequel, I was excited to see the second film. I had great expectations, and I felt these were met. The film had a great combination of CGI, action, emotion, love, family, revenge and betrayal. I felt at times I was at the edge of my seat wanting to find out what was going to happen next.

Seeing Ceasear (the main character) lead a growing nation of evolved apes was really interesting as he showed great leadership, and I did not look at him as though he was an ape, the film really did humanized the apes. So I felt throughout the film I wanted the apes to always win against the humans or at least live in unity and peace.

Emotional plights are shown in the film, both from the apes view and the humans, together it delivered a very inspirational storyline. (Without giving too much away) When things then go wrong, you can’t help but think everything would have been fine if it wasn’t for particular people/apes destroying the peace. The film really allowed you to capture the soul of every character and connect with them. It also showed the difference between war and peace.

The film grips you to the characters, building a connection and investing in the story emotionally, while allowing the action scenes to excite you. The only negative I would say about this film, is its lack of reference to the first film and explaining what happened within those ten years, and what happened to the main human character in the first film (did he die?).

Overall – I recommend for people to watch this film, if you haven’t seen number 1 (watch that first). This film met my expectations and I look forward to seeing how this sequel evolves further (I hope they make a number 3). I give this film 5/5 film reel.

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To be honest I did not want to see this film when I first saw the trailer but my partner did. So we brought the first film on DVD so I could watch how it all began and my views on the film changed quickly and I could not wait to see the next one.  The first film ‘The planet of the apes’, for me was an emotional roller-coaster from having me in tears to sitting on the edge of my seat.

‘Dawn of the planet of the apes’ did not disappoint in my eyes, you are told right at the beginning what happened when the virus struck in a news report, which follows on from the ending of the first film. We are then introduced again to Caeser (the main character) and his family. Through the amazing CGI the apes are brought to life and humanized successfully.

The film  hits the criteria for an action film; the right about story telling which connects the audience to the characters, the right amount of suspense and ACTION scenes!

Overall I would recommend this for anyone who loves a good Si-Fi or action film. If you haven’t seen the first one I would recommend seeing it before hand as it makes the plot a little easier to understand. You can buy a copy here.

I give this film 4/5 reels.

film reelfilm reelfilm reelfilm reel


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