Beaches and BBQ’s

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Everyone loves a summer BBQ and going to the beach and the SGO team is definitely one of them. I love everything about summer BBQs; enjoying food outdoors, in the company of friends and family. The smell of burgers cooking in the hot summer air!

You could enjoy this too, why not set up some spare time on a Friday evening or the weekend, meet up with a few friends or family, and create your own perfect little BBQ, it  does not need to burn a hole in your pocket. You can do it on a budget and spilt the cost.

See below my list of BBQ treats.

  • Disposable BBQ (Approx: £2:00)
  • Four birds eye beef burgers (Approx: £1.69)
  • Four burger buns (Approx: £0.60p)
  • 8 own brand sausages (Approx £1.04)
  • 6 chicken skewers in BBQ sauce (Approx: £2.00)
  • Slices of burger cheese (Approx: £1.00)
  • Mixed lettuce (Approx: £1.00)
  • Grilled Hallomi cheese (Approx: £2.00)

Total: £11.33

Spilt between 4 people, that is only £2.83 each

Local supermarkets also have a lot of vegetarian options; why not substitute your beef burgers and chicken for Quorn burgers, Approx: £1.89 for 6, and for those meat lovers, why not give Quorn a try! I did! And you will be surprised how delicious it is.

Quorn sausages and Quorn Chicken fillets are also available for only £1.89 at local supermarkets. (Prices may vary depending on your supermarket).



 If you are also local to Canterbury, why not enjoy a day out at the beach, I know there are some lovely beaches in:

  • Margate
  • Herne bay
  • Broadstirs
  • Whitstable

All of which are easily accessible by local transport such as “The triangle bus service”


or enter your destination at:


This will show you bus times and how to get to the beach. I went to the beach with my family only a couple of weeks ago at Whitstable, and I would recommend anyone to visit there, the beach is pebbly but it has fantastic views, lovely local shops and I got to try fresh oysters, which I found out that Whitstable is famous for! Why not visit and let SGO know what you thought.



Michaela and SGO






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