Cineworld & Transformers Age of Extinction Film Review.

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Both Michaela and I are massive movie lovers and you can’t beat watching a good action film on the big screen. However cinema trips are no longer seen as a weekly treat but more as a monthly or family treat or even date night due to the expense of going to the cinema. But if you are like Michaela and I and love going to the cinema. Cineworld have created an unlimited card. This card will allow you to watch as many movies as you like for an amazing monthly cost of £16.40.  This cost also includes 10% discount on those lovely cinema treats, gives you access to unlimited screenings or special screenings. My local Cineworld is Rochester which has amazing restaurants around it.  Michaela’s local Cineworld is Ashford which is a similar complex to Rochester. As a student, money is tight for both of us but this small cost of £16.40 allows us to still get out of the house and enjoy a nice day or evening out with the girls or with our partners..  To find out more about the Cineworld Unlimited Card or where you’re local Cineworld is please visit. http://www.cineworld.co.uk/

Myself and Michaela went to see the new Transformers Film last week. We were completely blown away by it.

‘Years have passed since the devastating battle of Chicago and humans have turned against the Transformers. Then widowed inventor Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) uncovers a beat-up old truck that turns out to be none other than Optimus Prime. Arrogant government agent Harold Attinger (Kelsey Grammer) promptly arrives with a large military force demanding to know the whereabouts of the reactivated Autobot. Meanwhile, scientist Joshua (Stanley Tucci) isolates the unstable metal from which the Transformers are made. Little does humanity anticipate that this will attract a terrifying new menace!’

Here is our review on the new film:


I have always been a fan of the transformers films since they hit our screens back in 2007. I am a huge action film fan anyway and hearing that another transformers film would be gracing the big screen in 2014 I couldn’t wait.  As the last Transformers film, Dark of the Moon was a little bit of a let-down. So I was hoping this new one wouldn’t disappoint. I was not wrong.

Michael Bay was once again the director and has been for all the Transformer films. However we were introduced to new characters, such as Cade Yeager & Tessa  Yeager played by Mark Wahlberg and Nicola Peltz, the amazing Stanley Tucci played Joshua Joyce and Kelsey Grammer took centre stage as one of the films villains – ‘Harold Attinger’. Bumblebee and Optimus Prime are the only characters that have had a key part in all of the Transformer films and I was very pleased to see them once again in this film.

The film started off at a good pace and had me hooked all the way through, had a good amount of humour which had the whole cinema laughing and the action scenes did not disappoint. Overall, I loved this film and couldn’t wait to get home to start the transformer series from the beginning. I give these film 5/5 film reels.

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I haven’t always been the keenest fan for the transformer films, since I felt number 3 wasn’t so great. However my faith has been restored in the  films, there was a mixture of humour, romance and action and I was hooked as soon as the film started.

It felt as though there was a different combination of storylines occurring within the film, which made me feel intrigued throughout and eager to find out more as the storyline progressed.

The CGI within this film was ‘out of this world’ giving you a real sense of realism within the film, I would recommend this film to anyone as I really feel it is a must see! Without giving too much away, I liked the concept of the storyline with dinosaurs (I bet that has caught your attention), well if you want to know what I mean watch the film and let SGO know what you thought of it.

One negative thing I can say about this film is, they didn’t really explain further the storyline of the dinosaurs and ended that part of the film unexplained, which was a bit disappointing.

However overall this film was a fantastic watch, with action, CGI and humour that will not disappoint you. I really enjoyed it and hope you do too! I give this film 5/5 film reels.

film reelfilm reelfilm reelfilm reelfilm reel


Transformers Age of Extinction is in cinemas now, http://www.thetransformersmovie.co.uk.

Myself and Jess are always at the cinema, so if you want us to watch a film before you head out to see it for yourself, let us know and we will review it for you!



Jess & Michaela






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