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We have a guest blogger today on Future.Life Happiness who has done lots of work in regards to sustainability and the environment, her name is Phillipa.
I arrived fresh to Kent and Canterbury Christ Church in 2007. I trained at Heligan Gardens, Cornwall in Environmental Conservation and worked with S.W.Lakes Trust & Cornwall Wildlife Trust. I have also been successful in leading the Green Champion Team to win it’s Bronze award last year.
Name that Tree / Plant:
Name that tree or plant is to introduce the idea of staff and students to go and look at our special/unusal trees and plants for yoursevles and challenges you all to email your own photos of tress and plants on campus and from your own area with your questions or to be identified if yoyu would like, (the Chelsea flower show does this).
This project is it encourage students studying art, media, Life Sciences or photography to use the campus environment for their degree studies or dissertation (doesn’t just have to be students belonging to Canterbury Christ Chruch. Any student can do this using their own campus or local area).
I want to throw out the challenege for students to use the university campus to support their studies or to simply discover and enjoy the campus environment.
E.G. Question: How many Canterbury based students have actuallky visited the Priory Gardens at all?, Can anyone tell where our university bees are sited currently?, Did you know that our Mulberry tree is really old and the fruit can be used to make wine and Jam?
Common Name: Mulberry Tree
Location: Johnson Garden & Exit to Wootton’s green.
If you would like to find out more or contact me, please email:Philippa.mills@canterbury.ac.uk
LovePhilippa & SGO




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