How to make the most of a small room

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My partner has just recently moved in with me and my mum as we hope to save and buy our own place once I finish my degree and we cannot save and rent at the same time.

After a good day of clearing out things I no longer wanted (4 big bags full, which was sent to the charity shop). My partner moved his stuff into the room, but i’ve noticed that the room is very crowded and it’s hard to move around. Something you may experience with your own student rooms or your own rooms at home.

Over the course of the summer I am hoping to decorate this room and turn this small space into a lovely relaxing room big enough for two.

Top tips on how to use a small space wisely:

Storage is key when in a small room, I’m luckily to have under bed storage space and a built in cupboard, but not everyone has this. I use to just push things under my bed and forget I owned it but now I use clear plastic storage containers to keep clothes, bags or shoes safe and tidied away.

Colour: Make sure you pick a light colour to paint your room to give the illusion of a bigger room. I currently have bright yellow walls which make the room feel smaller than it is, but I will be painting them cream to give the room a fresh feel to it and help make the room feel bigger and brighter. However I do love a bit of colour as well to give the room some personality. Many people opt to have a feature wall, be it a bold colour or wallpaper, but as my partner said no to wallpaper (I’m trying to convince him otherwise) I have opted to have blue and green accessorises instead (think peacock colours) allowing me to change the colour of the room when I want (plus blue is his favourite colour too so its a win win situation).

Mirrors: Having mirrors on the wall can also help create the illusion of a bigger room. I have two mirrors on my wall which not only helps create space on my chest of draws/dressing table but makes the room feel a little bigger.

Many of you won’t be able to secure things to your walls if you’re in student accommodation but there are many creative ideas you can do with your bedroom to make it your own relaxing hide away, take a look at my inspriartion board for a few ideas.

Redecorating a room can become expensive, these are a few places I use to look for a bargain:


Boot fairs

Charity shops

Second hand furniture shop

This is my  inspiration board so far:

inspritation board


I shall keep you updated with my little summer project and if you have any ideas or top tips of your own about making the most of a small room, please leave a comment as I would love to know your ideas.


Jess & SGO


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*All images were taken from google.


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