D.I.Y Mugs

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Okay so let’s admit it, everyone has a cupboard full of mugs – and hardly any of them get used right?

D.I.Y mugs are an innovative, personal and creative way to revamp them old mugs and give them a new lease of life; or, use this handy tutorial to create a budget-friendly present (though obviously we’d recommend you buy a cheap, plain mug if that’s the case).


What you’ll need:

–          A mug

–          Sharpie pens/paint pens (any colours – preferably oil-based)

–          Access to an oven


Step 1: Get a mug. If you don’t have an old/un-used mug at home, you can pick them up for next-to-nothing in any local supermarket.

Step 2: Pick a Sharpie. I’d like to point out that normal permanent marker pens are okay to use, although from previous experiences, it’s more likely that they will rub off. Paint pens or oil-based Sharpie pens are more suitable: these can be bought from major supermarkets, craft shops or online stores such as Amazon.co.uk.

Step 3: Get Creative. Simply draw, scribble and write to your hearts content onto the mug – either in one, or multiple colours, depending on how colourful you’re feeling (and your budget)! If you aren’t happy with the design, just use some water, scrub it off and start again.

Step 4: Bake It. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees, and leave the mug to bake for 30 minutes.


Here’s one that Jess has made at home (REMEMBER: Be creative! Do any design, personalisation you want):


*Tip: A little #toptip we’ve realised is to hand-wash the mugs, although it may be tempting DO NOT USE THE DISH-WASHER!






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